Core Team

  • Mr. Pramod Reddy

    Principal - Attapur

    Mr. Pramod Reddy took over the reins as the principal for the Attapur branch in February 2020.

    A staunch academician he comes with over 25 years of experience in the field of education. Apart from the diverse roles he has played in his long career, he has served as a Vice Principal at Global Indian International School for 8 years and as an IGCSE Coordinator at DRS International School for 5 years to name a few. 

    His strong educational background of having a P.G degree in Mathematics and a Bachelors in Education makes him the rightperson for this job.

    He says “I am excited and humbled by this tremendous opportunity. We are proud of our tradition of academic excellence, along with the ongoing commitment to maximize the personal growth of each child”.

    Holistic development of our students and their well-being is always at the heart of everything we do at Solitaire. We encourage our children to develop the qualities of self-discipline, positive self-image, teamwork, spirit of adventure and leadership.

    We aim to inspire them to innovate, take risks, solve problems and move ahead with confidence and grace. They learn to respect and become disciplined members of society.

    We will work towards helping children develop into principled, reflective and self-directed learners.

    I strongly believe building a partnership with the parents in our community, translates into greater success for our students. SGS will continue to strive to soar to greater heights in the years to come, with a dedicated faculty and the cooperation of students and parents. 

    We already have an excellent school; however, I will lead a team that will constantly look for new and innovative ways to improve the overall instruction of our students.

    I look forward to working with each of you to provide a positive educational experience for all of our students at Solitaire Global School. 

  • Ms. Afshan Urooj

    Vice Principal - Attapur

    Ms. Afshan Urooj has taught IGCSE and A Levels for seven years at New Middle East International School, Riyadh before moving to India. She previously served as the Head of Department for English and Business Studies and now will continueas the Vice principal for Attapur branch.

    She holds an M.B.A degree in Human Resourcesand is certain that “Solitaire is a remarkable school where students make lifelong friends and community connections, whilst gaining a world-class, global, outward-looking education”.

    I believe today schools should promote a style of teaching that prioritizes student autonomy, voice, and empowerment and every child, while he or she is in our care, gets the opportunity to learn from each other, to learn from other cultures, to develop a flair and an appreciation of different perspectives.

    We will work unswervingly towards SGS vision of allowing each child to thrive, believe and succeed and see that it is being lived every day of the academic year.

    A true-blue solitarian is one who is resilient, who is adaptable, who dreams big but dreams with determination. These are skills that can be taught and eventually become habits.

    Students are encouraged to develop into internationally-minded, caring, compassionate, principled risk-takerswho will not just inherit the world but they will reshape it.

    When your children join us, they will leave SGS as a rounded individual, not only having achieved the highest level of personal academic success but also with a sense of who they are and with respect for others, having learned what it means to have true integrity and character.

  • Ms. Sabiha Yasmeen

    Vice Principal - Katedan

    Ms. Sabiha Yasmeen- joining the Solitaire team as Vice Principal, Katedan branch- believes that every individual is born with a unique talent and that it is the role of an educator to help them showcase this talent and develop the confidence to face the challenges that life throws at them.

    Armed with a Bachelor's degree in both Science and Education, and a Masters degree in English, she has been educating students both in India and abroad under the CBSE and IGCSE curriculums for the last 19 years.

    Her experience of working with many reputed institutions make her the right fit for Solitaire.

    Ms.Sabiha has held esteemed and trusted positions at top schools such as St. Andrew's High School, DRS International School, Gitanjali Devashray and most recently, Obul Reddy Public School since she moved back to India from Riyadh in 2008. She has been responsible for the designing, execution and evaluation of the syllabus and curriculums at these schools.

    She believes that in an increasingly interconnected world, today's young generation needs to be engaged, reflective and compassionate. And teachers should endeavor to nurture and develop in each learner international mindedness, a sense of local as well as global responsibility

    With a strong background in addition to her commitment and dedication to the overall growth and development of her students, she is sure to enrich the school community and help to take the school from success to success.

  • Nisha Singh Shekhawat

    Nisha Singh Shekhawat

    Head - HR and Parents Relation

    Nisha Singh Shekhawat is presently associated with Solitaire Global Schools as the HR Head and the Parent Relations Officer. She has taken up both Human resource needs and the responsibility of management concerns. She had pursued her masters in MBA, Graduation in B.S.C.

    She has a rich spectrum of experiences from various potential organisations, including the Google India Pvt Ltd.

    She uplifts the spirits in and around by scheduling programs and events to motivate and improve the zest and zeal. The all-rounder she is in managing and coordinating welfare and well-being of the departments, she has a unique style about how she holds a rapport in keeping a happy environment.

    She stands by the lines "Live honestly and work in a highly challenging environment to enhance analytical skills, knowledge and abilities".

  • Malavika Prakki

    Ms. Malavika Prakki

    Group Head, Psychology and Emotional Wellness - Attapur

    Malavika Prakki heading the Psychology and Emotional Wellness comes with a strong academic background.

    She has done her Masters in Microbiology, Masters in Psychology and Bachelors in Education.

    She is also a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, a Happiness Life Coach, Master Mindfulness Practitioner, and an Internationally Certified Green belt & Global Career Coach.

    She has earlier worked with several corporates like Thomson Reuters, Global data, Larvol Pharma as a Scientific Research Analyst and has also been a Consultant Psychologist with various firms.

    She provides counseling and therapy for individuals of all age groups.

    A perfect mentor to guide the students to choose their best career options.

    She comes with a supernatural innate ability to establish rapport and interacts with and relates to individuals of all levels. She effortlessly communicates and puts the environment to ease.

    She comes with strong interpersonal, organizational and analytical skills, these skills put to action work magic with children and enhance their mental health.

    Being an easy game changer, it works beautifully in molding children and their mental well-being. With her exceptional skills she will have a strong positive influence on our students. 

    'No gloom when there's room for bloom' is an excellent phrase to go about with Malavika and her psychological enhancing skills.

  • Kalal Madhavi

    Kalal Madhavi

    Branch Head - Katedan

    A believer of "Real education lies miles beyond books", Kalal Madhavi is a dedicated educationalist. In addition to pursuing a Master’s degree in Mathematics from Osmania University, she also bagged a Master’s

    degree in Computer Science. A contributor to smart education, she is also a Qualified Abacus trainer.

    Being a multi-faceted personality, bearing the right qualities and rich exposure, she is sure to lead the school community with vision and dedication. She ensures an all-round development of the child’s personality through character formation and self-discipline.

    She works to ensure that the curriculum, the learning environment, the staffing, the resources and the community involvement are all focused on enhancing the quality outcome for students.