Heads of the Departments

  • Pramod Reddy

    Pramod Reddy

    H.O.D - Mathematics

    As a facilitator I motivate students in ascertaining their inner strengths, abilities and discovering what truly inspires them. I aim to provide an environment that encourages students to trust their own abilities in order to realize their full potential and I would like to create a love of learning and a desire for constant knowledge within each student. Through my teaching experience I have found the method of facilitating to be a highly beneficial style of teaching rather than dictating.

    I have learned that if students construct their own learning experiences then they not only retain information longer, but they will also become more confident in their abilities. I love working with children and will continue to strive to be a positive influence in their lives. I believe that my instructional abilities, combined with my strong interpersonal skills would greatly benefit the educational program.

  • Ekroop Singh

    Ekroop Singh

    H.O.D - Social Studies

    Received his BBA degree from St. Josephs college and later worked as representative at HSBC Bank for UK clients. He carries wide research experience, and has presented his research articles at IIM Indore, IIT Guwahati, Imperial College London and other universities of International Importance. He was awarded with the Best Presenter Award at an International conference in Kolkata and has been attending various conferences across the globe. He is currently researching and working on European studies and is the Head of The Department for social sciences   ,he believes in creating learner's for life and global citizen  of tomorrow and promotes research based learning in the school

  • Rupa Ramakrishna

    Rupa Ramakrishna

    H.O.D - Preprimary and HRT Coordinator

    Rupa Ramakrishna is a Pre-primary academic coordinator in Solitaire Global Schools who believes she must be instrumental in creating a safe, respectful and inspiring learning atmosphere charged with a spirit of service. She enjoys delivering IGCSE curricula as they offer opportunities for both students and teachers to grow as they learn from one another and experiment with different ways of knowing and learning and loves learning and hearing about new ideas, concepts and thoughts, and always try to keep an open mind where there is scope of development.

    She has a Masters degree in Commerce and a Bachelors degree in Education. She is certified in PPTTC. She has also done her ADIM (Advanced Diploma in Multimedia). Shifting careers from a Graphic Designer to Human Resource and further into the world of education has been an exciting journey for her.

    She is truly grateful to teachers, students and colleagues who have been the reason to smile and proudly proclaim, “I am a teacher!”

  • Afshan Urooj

    Afshan Urooj

    H.O.D - English and Business Studies

    Ms. Afshan Urooj is the Head of Department for English and Business Studies at Solitaire Global Schools. She holds an M.B.A degree in Human Resources and has been teaching the IGCSE and A levels curriculum for the past six years.

    She strongly believes that educators should leave behind the role as disseminators of content and embrace the new paradigm as cultivators of curiosity, inquiry and self-directed learning. Today schools should promote a style of teaching that prioritizes student autonomy, voice, and empowerment.

    Every teacher has a huge impact on the students that come through their doors each morning, but the very best have an impact that goes far beyond their classroom. Every child deserves a champion, an adult who will never give up on them, and insists that they can become the best that they can possible be.

  • Shalini Parmar

    Shalini Parmar

    H.O.D - Hindi

    Shalini Parmar holds a Bachelors degree in Hindi and music from Mohan Lal Sukhadiya University. To her credit, she also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Hindi translation from the Daksin Bharath Hindi Parchar Sabha and a Bachelors Degree in Education( Hindi). Her singing skills are another feather in her cap and has touched many hearts. As the Head Of The Department for Hindi, she believes in creating a child-centric learning environment

  • Sudarshan Gaikwad

    Sudarshan Gaikwad

    H.O.D - Science

    Sudarshan Gaikwad is a Silver medalist in Zoology (University Topper -  2009).

    He has 6 years of IGCSE experience in Science/Biology.

    He became a Cambridge Certified Teacher in 2017 and in the same year he conducted workshop on Professional Development for IGCSE Teacher’s and Introduction to IGCSE Enrichment.

    He was a CBSE External Examiner from 2015-2017.

  • Vijay


    H.O.D - Physical Education

    As a Sports Coach and Head Of the Department of Physical Education, Mr. Vijay is known for his supportive approach. He encourages students to participate in physical activities, as it enhances their potential. For him, a Coach is who develops, improves or promotes changes in a person's ability. Mr. Vijay has all the skills, of a true sportsman, to mention a few are communication skills, organization skills, and sport-specific skills. He assures his students understands the importance of time management, as it boosts their overall performance. To his credit, Mr. Vijay holds two national awards in Hockey.