Career Counsellor


Afiya Siddiqui


Academic Planning ∙ Behavioral Counseling ∙ Mentoring

Passionate, innovative counselor with 8 years of direct advising experience, Conference presenter and contributor in varied areas in counseling. Collaborative, organized educator and leader. 



M.A. in Psychology

B.A. in Psychology

Diploma in Community Counseling and Welfare Work

Cert III in Dementia Care

Cert First Aid


Afiya Siddiqui is an experienced counselor with a established history of working as the

--*School Counselor supporting Parents, Staff, and Student Academics with Behaviour,Additional support provided Individual Self-esteem, Exam Support, Individual Counseling, Individual Academic goal setting,


--*Non Clinical services to people with Mental Health issues.

*Support person to meet their Emotional and Psychological needs

*Individual Well being/Welfare service Coordinator

*Independent living support service worker

*Occupational Therapy Assistant (LUTHEREN HOMES SERVICES, AUSTRALIA)


--*Emergency Relief Worker

*Provision of information and referral over the telephone as well as one on one to clients

*Conduct needs assessment to ascertain the most appropriate service within the salvation army and make necessary arrangements

*Observe and shadow Client financial counselling

*Work under family support division offering support and financial assistance to families in emergencies due to financial circumstances or victim of domestic violence (THE SALAVATION ARMY, AUSTRALIA)


--*Community Support Worker

*Conducted community group programs that promotes social interaction and adult learning opportunities to young parents

*Observed and shadow counselling staff in dealing with clients with or at risk of mental health problems

*Participating in program planning and conducting it

*Research and development of resource kits for varied client services

*To develop an integrated approach to support families with young children having challenging issues



Australian Institute of Welfare and Community Workers (AIWCW)


Malavika Prakki

Malavika Prakki is an experienced counseling psychologist with a demonstrated history of working in the Mental Health Wellness industry. 

A certified Neuro-linguistic programming practitioner and a Life coach.She is also an expert counselor and Coach at YourDost, an online counseling platform.


She specializes in the areas of :

  • Career Counseling
  • Academic goal setting
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Anger Management
  • Exam Support
  • Body Image Issues
  • Behavior Assessments
  • Individual Counseling
  • Parental Counseling