Summer Camp Activity - Story Writing

"The Internal Transformation"

Once there lived a man named Rajan who was self-contended, unkind and hot-tempered he was always ready to pick any fight anytime, however, he was a follower of one of the saints who was selfless kind and humble.

One day Rajan visited the saint and asked how do you remain so calm and poised? To which the saint said I don’t have an answer to your question but I know a secret of yours that you are going to die in the next few days hearing to saint he asked saint for how many days Saint replied not more than a week, after listening to saint Rajan becomes depressed and sad  he realizes that he needs to rectify all of his mistakes then leave the place.

In the next seven days, he undergoes a great internal transformation and seeks forgiveness for all of his bad deeds.

On the very last day of his life, he decides to pay the last visit to the saint and seek his final blessings so that he could die in peace.

Listening to this the saint spill the beans and informs him that you will not die. And I really think that I answered your question on personal grounds of me being very calm and poise. As I believe I should rejoice every moment and think that every day is a new day and there is no tomorrow.

Moral of the story: Life every day is very uncertain live it to the fullest.


By Shrey Agrawal, Grade 6