Director's Message

Dear Parents, Students, and Friends

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to Solitaire Global Schools (SGS)!!

SGS are an IGCSE Curriculum based Schools in Hyderabad the city of pearls and a major center of the Information technology industry and one of the best places to live in India.

SGS is a very happy, exciting and a happening place to learn and work, where the student-teacher relationships are considered of utmost important to build a lasting bond of trust & respect for both learners and the mentors.

We opened our doors in 2017 with an amazing student cohort of 320 students in the very first year and a team of 80 dedicated and experienced individuals who are playing different roles of Teachers, Assistant Teachers, IT Techies, Admin, Class Helpers, Security and Housekeeping under the leadership & guidance of our principal.

In the very first year, our SGS Team has successfully managed to get the accreditation from both the internationally recognized and esteem boards of the Cambridge IGCSE (IN192), British Schools. This has enabled our senior students to appear for the Cambridge Board IGCSE examinations immediately.

 “We do not mold our students into what we want them to be; we simply unfold what is within them.”

We believe in placing the student at the center of their own education and that learning is a life-long experience, hence our school motto “Let’s Aspire for Excellence”, encourages the students to take responsibility for their own learning along with the Teaching Faculty and to support others in their efforts.

We expect teachers to lead by example and demonstrate that they are reflective practitioners. We have an inclusive community-based approach to education. 

Mir Murtuza Ali  - Director & Founder
Mir Murtuza Ali
Director & Founder


SGS encourages parents to play their part in our educational partnership and we keep them informed of all the progress and concerns. Students, teachers, and parents are given the opportunity to play their part in the decision making processes at all appropriate times. We are proud of our established community partnerships and the community spirit that you will sense when you visit the school.

Together as a learning community, we will continue to set and achieve the highest standards that are expected of us.

Our vision is to develop a well balanced successful learner, empower our students to exceed their potential and help them become responsible global citizens who understand and respect multicultural diversity.

Our students actively learn from the experience of doing real tasks beyond the classroom. These personal development activities increase their self-awareness, help develop new skills and require them to engage with issues within the communities they live in.

We promote a culture of self-awareness, holistic personal development, and understand the importance of developing the overall personality of the Student as a PERSON.

We expect and will work towards making the mindset of each of our beloved students of SGS to have a Global Perspective of Life, Develop a Progressive Mindset, Aware of his full Potential and Capabilities and prepare them well for the Challenges.

As a successful centre of learning, we will never stand still, we will continuously strive and work for excellence by monitoring and evaluating the progress of our organization and students with the support of parents so that we know exactly where we are and what we need to do to MORE.

 “The most important person in our school is the pupil; the most important asset is the teacher”.

Mir Murtuza Ali
Director & Founder