SI Learners Hub

Life cannot and will not stop amid lockdowns, shutdowns, coronavirus, covid-19, pandemic or any other difficult scenarios.
These tough situations push our limits and make us more innovative to keep up with challenges boldly and adapting to the new environment. Anyone who cannot rise to these occasions will cease to grow or exist.

“Solitaire Global Schools” as usual took this situation as a challenge and with its dedicated, innovative & committed team, came up with an online interactive platform for its students & parents - “SI LEARNER HUB” . thus bringing the school to your Home.

This digital platform is certainly an effective option for online assessment, giving counseling during lockdown to parents and students, sharing summer activities and above all allowing our students to stay home and learn during lockdown.



The Solitarians will be able to enjoy the below benefits


  • Will be able to study at their own pace and on their chosen timings.
  • This platform will be available for the complete academic year and beyond, with continuous developments and upgrades.
  • It is a complete package of Home Schooling.
  • Parents would not require arranging additional Tuition or coaches for their wards at home throughout the year.
  • Explanation of each Topic will be in the form of PPT’s, Videos, Audios, Interactive Quizzes, online worksheets & assessments.
  • Discussion boards
  • Clarify their doubts online directly with the subject facilitators.
  • Study anywhere, anytime on a Mobile, Tab or Desktop.
  • It provides more interaction and greater ability to concentrate


Majority of Solitarians have already registered on the SI LEARNERS HUB and have started exploring and enjoying the new learning process.

Facilitators are executing encompassing teaching and making it demystifying. This Platform will always provide our students the convenience and flexibility for learning.

We have amazing feedback where Students are delving into online learning.

It’s a user-friendly platform with galore of learning. Learning must go on!!


To learn on web version Click here
To download the application Click here

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