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Are you looking for a school for your child? Your search for the top International schools in Hyderabad ends here. Solitaire Global Schools offers best quality education to their students. At Solitaire Global Schools we believe that the purpose of education is to enable a fulfilling & happy life for our students. Happy children become happy adults. In order to engage a  student’s mind and body, education should be developmental and appropriate and that is what we are good at. So, we suggest you join your child in an International school like Solitaire Global Schools.

Why is Solitaire Global Schools one of top international schools in Hyderabad?

To be considered as one of top international schools in Hyderabad, we need to have everything of international standards. Speaking of our teaching staff, most of them have an experience of over a decade and are aware of the crucial role they play in the growth of your child. The faculty members at SGS teach only the subject they excel at, and they meet regularly to develop a similar syllabus, discuss successful assignments and propose new approaches making it the best school in Hyderabad.

Some of the reasons why parents recommend Solitaire Global Schools

  • Our faculty at Solitaire Global Schools is exceptionally skilled and well-qualified. We encourage them to learn new things every day so that they can stay in line with the things that are happening in their area of study, making us one of the top International schools in Hyderabad.
  • Once teachers start their career with us, they receive more training in the form of professional development (PD). PD is designed by us so that the faculty can be ongoing, relevant and collaborative.
  • Our expansive 3.5 -acre campus loaded with world-class facilities will aid in the holistic development of your ward.
  • We encourage our students to take part in various events, national championships, and be a part of diverse debates.
  • Our aim is to focus on a child’s upbringing and character-building by cultivating good values.
  • We at SGS also have a sports facility with indoor and outdoor playgrounds.
  • Our campus is equipped with a pool, indoor stadium, basketball, volleyball, and other sporting events that will captivate one’s attention.
  • We have an SGS parent app that helps parents keep a track of the events and alerts from the school which makes us the top International schools in Hyderabad
  • What makes us the top schools in Hyderabad is our SGS students app – SI Learners Hub. This application provides the study material of all the subjects across all the grades and helps our students access their respective grade’s content in the form of videos/ audios/ PDFs and PPTs.

There are a lot more reasons like these, which make Solitaire Global Schools one of the Top International Schools in Hyderabad.

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