About Solitaire Global School

Solitaire Global Schools is a co-ed school located in the center of the city at Attapur that provides world class education and International standard facilities to its students. The school is aimed at pushing the boundaries of human understanding and to develop leaders in various disciplines who will make a difference in the near future.

We offer a student experience like no other and ensure that your child is at the forefront of every learning activity and of course, the school has

  • A spacious building with a serene environment
  • Campus is spread across 3 acres
  • Modern facilities
  • Technologically advanced classrooms, Smart Classes
  • Concept of recorded classes (parents can review the classes at a later date on the school’s website)
  • Digital text books
  • Interactive App for Parents and Teachers
  • High end laboratories
  • Up-to-date library
  • Art studio
  • A large and open Playground for Sports and Physical development
  • Highly qualified staff and personnel

Solitaire Global School is committed to provide a well-equipped education program to your child and the future of our country.

We will ensure that the appropriate intellectual, social and cultural needs are met of every student in an environment that is supportive, challenging and intellectually stimulating.

Our teachers and administrative staff will partner up with you, the parents, to proactively promote educational excellence by preparing students to be independent thinkers, constant learners, polished communicators and global citizens.

The cycle continues where we encourage pupils to be part of community activities both on and off campus thereby promoting their sense of social responsibility for the greater good of the state and country.


“School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside”
~ Lon Watters