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The use of Solitaire Global School IT resources and services is a facility granted, at the school’s discretion, to pupils as per the school requirements which varies across all age groups of students. This Acceptable Use Policy is essential for managing and sustaining the integrity and legality of the School network and computing resources. This policy is designed to help parents and students better understand their obligations with respect to using associated IT systems and equipment.


  • Use of the Solitaire school network constitutes agreement to comply with this policy.
  • These rules apply to the use of any of the school computers, wherever they may be. They also apply whenever a user is logged on to the Solitaire School network.
  • Pupils are given a user account to enable them to use the facilities on the school network, use of this account is monitored – it is neither private nor privileged.
  • Pupils are given an e-mail account to use, the account is monitored and filtered, the user is responsible for the content on their account and is permitted to follow the generally accepted rule of network etiquette.
  • These include but are not limited to:
    • Users are not allowed to reveal their date of birth, personal address or contact number, nor the date of birth, personal address or contact number of other users.
    •  Users are not allowed to distribute images of themselves or others
    • Users should be polite and use appropriate language. Do not swear or use vulgarities. Do not harass or bully.
  • You must not use someone else’s username to gain access to the school network.
  • You must not write down your password, nor share your password with another.
  • You may not attempt to circumvent security of any host, network or account, or penetrate security measures (“hacking”) on or accessed through the Solitaire School network.
  • You must not probe, scan or test the vulnerability of the network or other networks.
  • You must not use the network or your own property to access or process pornographic material, inappropriate text files, or files dangerous to the integrity of the network.
  • You must not transmit, re-transmit, publish or store material on or through the Solitaire School network which; is bullying, threatening, abusive, hateful, indecent, or defamatory.
  • You must report any unpleasant material or message sent to you. This report would help protect other pupils and you.
  • Pupils are not permitted to have personal computers at the school, unless they have properly documented educational needs.
  • Storage media, such as USB sticks/keys, is prohibited at the school.
  • If a pupil or user account breaches the above rules, their account may be inspected and their access stopped. They may also render themselves liable to sanction from the Principal up to and including suspension and exclusion.
  • Any property owned by pupils, such as mobile phones and iPods must be reported and may not be used to watch any moving images whatsoever.
  • You may not access the internet except through the school network.

Above all, you should be KIND ONLINE

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