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English, math and science classes are standard components of any school curriculum. At Solitaire we balance our curriculum to provide a holistic experience to our students. Teaching dance in schools provides many rewarding opportunities to positively impact students and the rest of the community. Learning, thought, creativity, and intelligence don’t just come from the brain alone, but from the entire body. Movement combinations increase memory, order, and sequencing skills. 

Creating dances also increase self-esteem which is so very important to learning. Dance burns calories, strengthens muscles, improves balance, increases flexibility, and gives the heart a good workout. Dance has also been proven to increase cognitive development. Learning dance also helps children develop skills that are necessary for learning such as creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration. Through the creative process, students are encouraged to use their imagination, collaborate with their peers to solve problems, and discover multiple solutions to challenges.
Our studio has:

  • Comprehensive audio system
  • Mirrors
  • Video projection facilities


The Music Department strives to promote excellence in music by creating meaningful experiences through performance, understanding, and appreciation of the art of music.

We aim to help students develop their individual talents and interests as well as cultivate their musical and artistic development.

Further, we want students to explore the areas of expression and imagination. We believe that every student should be given the opportunity to learn music and to share in musical experiences. We work to foster self-confidence, creativity, responsibility, and self-expression.

Visual Arts

At Solitaire, students will have a basic understanding of and be able to apply the formal concepts of visual design through composition, color theory, and graphic rendering.

Throughout the curriculum, students will link these formal design concepts to both two dimensional and three-dimensional designs.

Students will have an essential perspective of the visual arts in relationship to the larger context of the Fine Arts. Students will be able to reflect critically about their own creative designs, demonstrate an appreciation of the history of the visual arts, and be able to identify the expanding importance of visual literacy within their continuing education.

Drama Club

The goal of the Drama club is to expose our students to the active practice of the art of theater; therefore, empathy, collaboration, discipline, playfulness, and creativity are our central values.

The club aims to prepare students to create as actors, playwrights, directors, and designers and to knowledgeably critique theatrical texts and performances.

Our mission is to present theater and performance as an academic area of the school’s curriculum; to construct a discourse that does not separate acts of knowing from doing, theory from practice, or life from art; to value the qualities of gratitude, forgiveness, inclusion, optimism, courage, and love; and to strive to help our students to see the meaning and to find satisfaction in their lives and in the lives around them.

Debate Club

We believe, debate is an essential opportunity that should be provided to all students. Students develop skills in research, critical thinking, organization, persuasion and communication.

Debating is a way for students to expand their views and perspectives. Students learn to strictly back their claims with evidence and fact rather than their feelings.  

The benefits of being part of a debate team are countless, debate clubs provide students a chance to understand real world situations and make educated opinions. Debate teams show how there is a way to have an open mind and how to civilly disagree.

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