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Advising and Academic Support

Advisors for Students

Each student has a faculty adviser who guides the student in shaping a well thought out, long-term academic program that will incorporate both breadth and depth.

In planning a program of studies, the student’s needs and aspirations, as they can be identified, are carefully considered, as is the necessity of meeting grade level requirements.

Subsequently, the student meets fortnightly with his or her adviser to establish a personal relationship and to ensure that issues that arise concerning the student’s academic program are addressed promptly.

Through ongoing collaborative efforts between individual learners, facilitators and the administrative team, we aim to develop the self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-advocacy that are critical life skills essential to finding success at Solitaire and beyond.

Study, Organizational, and Time Management Skills

When the need arises, subject specialists meet with students individually and in small group settings to teach strategies for organizing work, managing time, and improving study skills using effective learning strategies.

At critical junctures during the academic year, time management and study skills workshops are offered, specifically targeting students new to the school.

Peer Tutoring

Through the Peer Tutoring Program, qualified students provide tutoring in math, sciences, and languages. Peer tutors also are available for subject-specific support during designated periods per week.

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