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SGS Social Responsibility

At Solitaire Global Schools, the fundamental teaching for students is to accept education as an objective and as an opportunity to serve the community especially the weaker sections. Students are encouraged to form themselves into groups, identify their projects and work towards helping the society. It stands to the credit of our students that they show remarkable initiative in planning and executing projects that make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged. They take an effort in collecting and distributing contributions both in cash as well as in kind.

Active community service, with students from Class I onwards participating, is integral to SGS education. Our students work with several NGOs to support social development initiatives, and have raised substantial funds to support these NGOs. Service to the community has taught our students a sense of responsibility, humility, and dedication. It will always be an integral part of their life even in years to come.

We have a year long program “Coins for Change”, as part of our duty to give back to the society we encourage our students to donate coins which are used to help the needy around the city. We regularly run donation drives where our students donate clothes, books, unused stationery and blankets to orphanages. We also strongly believe service goes beyond monetary help. We as a country need to work on rooting out many existing problems by inculcating the vital social responsibility of sharing our resources, time and effort for helping the under-privileged. We preach by practicing, SGS takes care of a park located near the school premises and maintains it.

Activities that awaken social responsibility at SGS

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