Professional Development (PD) For Teachers

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At SGS we believe “Teacher Training is a Key Factor in achieving Educational Excellence”.

Just like the training required for any specialized profession, teachers must train. They must train before they enter the classroom, and they must receive ongoing training even as they work in the classroom.

All this training we provide our academic team, gives new facilitators at SGS the greatest chance of success as well as sustain our veteran facilitators as they meet new challenges in education.

Academic subject-specific training is generally organized by grade level. The teachers teaching middle or secondary school will receive intensive training in an academic discipline. All teacher preparation programs offer classroom management strategies and information on student cognitive development and learning styles.

Once teachers start their career with SGS, they receive more training in the form of professional development (PD). Ideally, PD is designed to be ongoing, relevant and collaborative with an opportunity for feedback or reflection.

One of our many in house programs to scale up our pedagogies is Microteaching which is done regularly. Microteaching is a reflective process during which a lesson is viewed, by peers or by recording, to review a teacher’s performance in the classroom. ​ The benefits can increase teacher confidence and work to develop a collegial atmosphere of support with empathy and equanimity.

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