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Solitaire Global Schools (SGS) has been ranked as the Best School in South Zone for an International Curriculum.

SGS has evolved in its journey since 2017, striving always to fulfill the vision of the founder, Mr. Mir Murtuza Ali to provide holistic and world-class educational opportunities to the youth in the city of Hyderabad, enabling them to be responsible and worthy citizens of the world. The School is affiliated to the CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education), to prepare students for the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) Year 10 and A- Level examinations.

Spread over more than 3 acres in the heart of Hyderabad, Solitaire offers all the amenities for the 21st century learning such as a massive library, laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Art, Music, dance studio, teaching aids for effective learning, a large playground, skating rink, basketball court, football court, swimming pool, and a spacious auditorium.

At SGS, activities that enhance the qualities of the spirit and the body are as important as academic learning. The creative, communication, critical thinking, and leadership skills are honed through numerous clubs like Gavel Club, Literary clubs and co-curricular activities.

Our students excel in various sporting activities at the city and national levels.

Students of SGS work untiringly, in tandem with organizations to enhance environmental awareness, to preserve the rich resources of nature and promote sustainable development.

SGS shapes students of substance, some will be well known; others will contribute in quieter ways. But all will do their bit to build stable communities for, only a stable foundation will lead the country to grow from strength to strength.

SGS has developed links with schools globally, we have truly blended global education with strong local roots. Our students learn to think internationally while upholding their rich cultural heritage. Exchange programs are regularly organized to enrich the curriculum.

The School is deemed as one of the Best International Schools in the city of Hyderabad.

In our fourth year, the school looks forward to building children of character who will put back into society as much as they have taken, to build a world that is both equitable and progressive.

The student body comprising about 1500 students, reflects the cultural diversity of India.

Our teachers have rich experience having taught at leading schools in India and across the world. The School has over 200 teachers, with a teacher-student ratio of 1:30, every child enjoys individualized attention.

The school is recognized as Hyderabad’s premier international school and is also one among the fastest growing brands of India.

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