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SGS Parent App

One of the basic, as well as the most important requirements of any school, is a reliable, compatible, and secure communication channel. Solitaire Global Schools has a dedicated app to contact the parents and inform them about school updates. Available on both mobile and desktop it is a user-friendly app catering to all the needs of the school, teachers and parents alike. It is easy to use and supports the latest features.

Parent App has the following features:

  • Instant communication with teachers, admin, and management.
  • Attendance of your ward can be checked through the application.
  • The active timetable of your ward can be checked.
  • Online payment – school fee, fee for transport and cafeteria.
  • Exam schedules and portions can be checked.
  • Results/ Report cards are displayed and can be downloaded from the application.
  • All the circulars and notifications are uploaded on the app regularly.
  • Daily homework and activities are available.
  • To download the school app, please click: link:

SGS Student App

Our online learning app “Solitaire International Learners Hub” (SI Learners Hub) is an app that helps children of all ages and abilities learn better. This application not only provides the content of all the subjects across all the grades but also helps our students access their respective grade’s content in the form of videos/ audios/ PDFs and PPTs 

The online quiz option is yet another strong feature of our SI Learners app which helps students to assess their understanding and knowledge upon completion of every topic. During this pandemic, our students interacted with their teachers round the clock, without being worried about schedules. Learning on our app is not time-bound learning, it’s relaxed learning. Students can access the content at any time during the day.

SI Learners Hub promotes child-friendly control enabling even our young learners to operate it without much effort. The discussion boards help students solve their queries about any topic of their course. The teachers can schedule the tests, analyse student progress and alter their approach to student learning the right way. The online classes are uploaded every day and are available for the students to revisit them as and when needed.

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