What is IGCSE?

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IGCSE stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education and is a natural continuation of the curriculum taught at Solitaire Global Schools.

The IGCSE curriculum builds on the lower secondary education covered during ages 11-13, and prepares students for examinations at the end of a three-year course at age 16.

This course also prepares students for the academic rigour of the Cambridge International AS & A Levels, as well as encouraging the development of knowledge, skills, and understanding for a successful future beyond their time at school.

Why choose the IGCSE certificate for your child?

Flexible and stimulating curriculum

This curriculum is carefully constructed to provide an externally validated and internationally recognized portfolio of qualifications which provides the opportunity to access the Cambridge International AS & A Levels Program.

During the three-year comprehensive program, our IGCSE students undertake a wide range of individual courses including a choice of mathematics, languages, sciences, humanities, arts, and design.

Across all subjects, Cambridge IGCSE offers a flexible and stimulating curriculum helping to improve performance by developing skills in creative thinking, inquiry, and problem-solving. 

At Solitaire, the academic curriculum forms a part of a broader provision with all students enjoying opportunities to engage in co-curricular activities which provide opportunities for students to engage in sport, community service, and creativity. We support students to develop not only academically but personally, in line with our school mission and values.

An internationally recognized qualification

Developed over 25 years ago, the IGCSE curriculum is tried, tested, and trusted by schools with it now being taken in over 145 countries and taught by over 6100 schools worldwide.

IGCSE subjects are assessed through externally assessed examinations, and in some cases coursework. It is important to note that these are not just school examinations: they are recognized qualifications by Cambridge Assessment International Education which is part of the prestigious University of Cambridge and also the world’s largest provider of international qualifications to school-age students.

As the world’s most popular international qualification for this age group, the Cambridge IGCSE is widely recognized and accepted by top-tier colleges, universities, and employers worldwide, providing your child with an international passport to success.

This also means that the IGCSEs are globally transferable and enable study in American Colleges or schools offering A levels.

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