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Counselling Helps

  • Students to define their goals
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Ensure that every student enjoys an ideal learning environment
  • Students choose career options and thus fulfill their goals

The school has a qualified and experienced counsellor. The counsellor offers one-to-one confidential advice and support, and works with groups as well. Our Counsellor at SGS assists students with social, emotional or behavioral difficulties in better understanding their peers and themselves. The objective is to help students develop the analytical skills they need to best assess their own strengths and interests, allowing them to choose subjects and careers that best fit. It helps students present their character and achievements in an accurate, nuanced, and compelling light to the universities they apply to.

The counsellor cooperates with the facilitators, and all staff members (wherever required), to ensure seamless communication flows whilst respecting the boundaries of professional confidentiality. Our Counsellor liaises closely with other staff and parents, too. The department conducts regular life skill classes, workshops and grade-specific training programmes.

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