Teen Entrepreneurial Program

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Students in Solitaire Global Schools get a lesson in entrepreneurship very early on. The class, aptly titled Entrepreneurship, is the culmination of different courses of a business curriculum; Introduction to Business, Marketing and Sales, and Accounting to name a few. As part of the course, students write business plans and pitch them to their teachers and fellow students.

“The program is not just about teaching students to be entrepreneurs; it’s more teaching the entrepreneurial spirit—having the ability to creatively find solutions for the various problems that exist in society.”

Through the SGS Entrepreneurial class, students learn about entrepreneurship while building leadership, communication, presentation, and critical-thinking skills. The course covers everything from design thinking to business ideation and reframing failure. All rooted in the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, these programs prepare students for universities, teach them to follow their passions, and—for some—inspire them to create their own ventures.

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