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Using appropriate methods of discipline that incorporate behavior management enables the young child to learn self-control and gain an understanding of the types of conduct that are acceptable.
Children become more independent and self-sufficient when they take responsibility for their own behaviors.
Self-discipline, learned during the early childhood years, is necessary in order to become a productive member of our society.
It is our goal that all students possess a clear understanding of their behavior that affect others. When a child acts in a thoughtless or harmful way, the community suffers. When misbehavior occurs, our approach will emphasize
·       compassion,
·       consistency and
·       responsibility.

Aims and Objectives

 · Create a stable, secure and disciplined school community and minimize any unacceptable behavior.
 · Support and promote positive attitude amongst students
· Define roles and responsibilities, including the expectation that we have of each member of the school community.
 · Develop a culture of friendship and kindness between all.
 · Develop student’s empathy and their moral and ethical character and enhance their sense of good citizenship.
· Increase and raise student’s behavior awareness and encourage them to respect themselves and others all well as the school and public laws.
· Create a proper educational and learning environment suitable for students, teachers and school administrations, in order to achieve the goals of education and learning.

 Student Code of Conduct

 Each student of our school is required to follow these indicators to maintain school discipline:

  1. Student must follow all the instructions and rules of the school and the classroom.
  2. Student must arrive at school on time and, if absent; the parent or guardian must inform the office explaining lateness and/or absences.
  3. Student must wear proper and defined school uniform.
  4. Student must not misuse the property of the school.
  5. Student must avoid discrimination; based on gender, age, race etc.
  6. Student must pass up disorderly conduct.
  7. Student must stay away from any sort of harassment.
  8. Student must take care of general safety and security of everyone.
  9. Student must avoid physical violence against anyone.
  10. Students must behave responsibly and will not put other people or themselves in danger or at risk.
  11. Students must take care of the school building(s), equipment, or property of the school and/or other people.
  12. Students must participate to promote a positive school community.
  13. Students must demonstrate a positive attitude towards studying and learning as act appropriately so as not to disrupt the classroom or the learning of others.
  14. Students must behave honestly and conduct themselves with dignity.
  15. Student must show respect to all teachers, school personnel, fellow students, their families, and members of the community.

 Disciplinary Offences Defined
The following offences will lead to disciplinary action, which may include the students’ exclusion from school by suspension or expulsion.


Misconduct– Behavior that disrupts teaching and learning
Disciplinary Issues
· Tardiness
· Unexplained absences
· Incorrect school uniform
· Not bringing the necessary books, equipment, and/or supplies like pens, paper, etc.
· Disruptive classroom and/or school behavior
· Breaking classroom rules
· Defying school authority and staff members
· Abusive or inappropriate language toward peers and teachers.
Disciplinary Actions
Counseling by the Class Teacher and School counsellor – Warning Letter- Parents must be properly informed.


Any behavior that results in increased or serious disruption of the teaching and learning environment or that may cause physical and/or mental injury to self or others.
Disciplinary Issues
· Fighting with and/or bullying other students
· Theft
· Vandalism
· Using cellular phones during school time
· Leaving school without permission
· Cheating on exams or assignments
· Providing false documents (e.g. signing letters without the permission or knowledge of parents)

Disciplinary Actions

Warning letter
Counseling by the Principal and School counsellor
Parent must be properly informed

Repeated unacceptable behavior may lead to suspension for ten days
Prohibited Actions at our school
It is prohibited in Solitaire Global Schools for any school administrator or teacher/teaching or non-teaching staff to use any of the following ways for applying disciplinary action against a student:
 · Any type of physical punishment.
· A teacher lowering or threatening to lower a student’s grades.
· Giving a student more school work.
· Making fun of or insulting a student in private and/or public.
· Depriving a student of using toilet facilities and/or of food.
· Student Misconduct

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