School Ethos

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Solitaire Global Schools (SGS) is no ordinary place.

It is a highly academic school where individual and corporate excellence are expected and promoted. Central to Solitaire’s ethos is the dialogue between teachers and their pupils, whether in the classroom or otherwise. This inspires passion for the subject, conveys knowledge and develops the skills of rational, independent thought, and unthinking conformity. Solitaire is one of the foremost centres of academic excellence in Hyderabad, and has earned a place as one of the top schools in Hyderabad, and it’s pupils achieve exceptional academic results.  This success is a result of pupils’ enjoyment of academic enquiry, debate and search for explanation well beyond any published syllabus.

The desired environment is happy, busy and purposeful; the pupils intellectually, socially, ethically and politically engage, with plenty of opportunities to develop initiatives and to articulate and defend their views. While academic and cultural attainments are highly prized, we are fully committed also to the nurture of each pupil’s spiritual, moral, emotional and physical development and well-being – with a particular emphasis on drawing out individual talent wherever it lies – and to the preparation of responsible young people for fulfilled private and public lives beyond school.

Our Cause

Is to create a safe and nurturing environment where the curriculum is creative, inspirational and relevant to the students for their present needs, future ambitions and aspirations.

Is to provide an environment to the students to understand and succeed in a rapidly changing world. We also encourage and motivate our students in generating practical and theoretical knowledge that will enable them understand the future opportunities.

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