Future Skills (21st Century Skills)

Twenty First Century Skills

21st Century Skills Programme emphasises on the goal of finding suitable employment and acquiring the skills necessary to help students succeed within their chosen field of occupation.

Value Added Curriculum

Value Added Curriculum

In addition to the core and supplementary curricula, SGS  attempts further contribution towards learning outcomes through the value-added curriculum. The curriculum comprises of a set of innovative programmes for academic, cultural and co-scholastic progress.

Supplementary Curriculum

Supplementary Curriculum

These include innovative and co-scholastic programmes which are complementary to the core curriculum. Its aim is to provide students with additional instruction which will help fulfil their learning potential.

The Core Curriculum

Our core curriculum is academically thorough as it provides students with the required concepts for personal as well as intellectual transformation. It derives its expertise from the traditional Indian educational system along with experiences shared by our expert faculty.

The design is such that it cultivates a creative and critical intellectual competence in students, which they can use long after school in the ultimate pursuit and fulfilment of meaningful lives.


The IGCSE Programme, administered by the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CAIE), is firmly established and recognized world-wide. The curriculum is designed to think globally and act locally.