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Dear parent,

03.04.2023 –

a) EY 1,2 and 3 – Passing the joker’s hat and telling a funny joke to the class.

b) Grade 4 Third Language Subject Confirmation forms to be submitted to the Class Teacher without fail.

05.04.2023 –School will remain closed on 05.04.2023 on the account of Babu Jagjivan Ram Jayanthi

06.04.2023 – EY 1, 2, and 3 –Parts of the plant we eat. Students will have to bring edible parts of the plant for the class activity.

Your ward can bring anyone from the list given.
Leaf – spinach; Root – carrot/radish/beetroot; Fruit – Any fruit of your ward choice; Seed – Mustard seeds; Stem – Celery/ sugar cane

07.04.2023 – School will remain closed on 07.04.2023 on the account of Good Friday.

In Week 4

EY 1 to 3 – Theme End Assessment portion and dates will be shared by 03.04.2023 in the notification.

From G1 to G12 we shall be conducting Formative Assessment. This assessment is based on Week 1 and Week 2 learnings.

For grades 1 to 12 – Students will write the portion details in the class work and you can help them prepare for the assessment. It will start from 10th April to 14th April.

Please note – We shall not re-conduct the assessments.

School Initiatives in AY 2023-2024

Grade 1 to 10 – We have initiated the pastoral sessions for your ward, this is all about bonding with the Class Teacher.

Class Teachers will do various activities so that they all become comfortable with each other and share their concerns if they have any.

Please encourage your ward to share with CL if they are facing any concerns or challenges.

These sessions will take place during assembly time in their respective classrooms.

Grade 1 to 3 – Tuesday
Grade 4 to 7 – Wednesday
Grade 8 to 12 – Friday.

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