Weekly test Portion Paper Term 3 (27.January.2021)

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Dear Parent,

Please find the portion for Weekly test 4 (Term 3) for your ward to be conducted on 27.January.2021, Wednesday during the second period.

Please note, the Weekly test for this week is being conducted on Wednesday since Tuesday 26.Jan.2021 is “Republic Day”

Grade 1Hindiव्यंजन क- व
Grade 2Hindiमात्राएँ अ- इ और शब्द
Grade 3Social studiesLesson – 9 Our Heritage
Lesson-10 Our Leaders
Grade 4Hindiपाठ -5 तुषार की ईमानदारी
Grade 5TeluguLs 15. తెనాలి రామకృష్ణుడు – దొంగలు
Grade 5UrduLs 9- Taare
Ls 10- Bhains
Grade 5FrenchLesson 8 – Family members, ER-verbs
Lesson 9 – Months of the year
Grade 6MathsUnit – 12 Construction
Grade 7ScienceUnit 5 – Reproduction and development
Grade 8Business
Chapter 13: Marketing Mix (Place and
Chapter 14: Marketing Strategy
Grade 9Hindiअपठित गद्यांश, टिप्पण लेखन, उपसर्ग प्रत्यय
Grade 9EVMChapter-2 Energy and environment
Grade 11MathsIntegration and further Integration

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Weekly test Portion Paper Term 3 (27.January.2021)
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