Why you should send your kid to a Cambridge IGCSE School

If you’re a parent trying to find a good school for your children, the choices available are numerous. While there are numerous good schools in Hyderabad, a serious decision that you simply got to take as a parent is to settle on the board you would like your kids to review under. The foremost common boards include CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and International Boards. But recently, Cambridge IGCSE schools in India are gaining tons of recognition , and as a parent, you’d definitely want to understand the benefits of admitting your child to at least one of the best IGCSE schools in Hyderabad. Therein regard, Cambridge IGCSE remains one among the foremost sought-after qualifications for kids studying at the secondary level. Students studying in an IGCSE private school in Hyderabad or the other a part of India get a broad choice of subject electives. This offers students multiple advantages, a number of which are:

Recognition by International Colleges and Universities

Studying in one among the best Cambridge IGCSE schools in Hyderabad like, Solitaire Global Schools acts as a passport to good international universities within the world, and may be a qualification that’s held in high regard almost everywhere. If you propose to send your kids to study abroad and need them to join good colleges, this curriculum would surely equip and prepare your child with the skills necessary to tackle the challenges of academics in a world university. Students studying in Cambridge IGCSE schools in Hyderabad have gone on to secure admissions in top colleges and universities just like the London School of Economics, The University of Edinburgh, etc.

Recognition by Employers World Over

Employers world over, which incorporates top companies, value the Cambridge IGCSE qualification and therefore the skills it imparts to the learners. IGCSE remains a well-liked pick for the Fortune 500 companies and major business conglomerates.

Has a Learner-Centric Approach

Cambridge curriculum places the scholar at the middle of the course. It uses teaching and learning practices that are designed to optimize the way a student learns. Moreover, the individual needs of scholars are prioritized upon in IGCSE.

Focuses on Inquiry-based learning

Cambridge schools promote learning through exploration and real-life connections, with inquiry playing a central role. The course encourages students to research various issues and develop questions and analyses which will help further their understanding of the planet.

A Global Community

One of the foremost compelling reasons for sending your child to an IGCSE private school in Hyderabad like, Solitaire Global Schools is that the Cambridge learners and school are a neighborhood of a worldwide network of a learners’ community that shares resources, information, etc. thus taking learning to a replacement level.

Rigorous Assessment

IGCSE assessments are the foremost reliable and trusted assessment systems – these are fair and flexible. Assessments under Cambridge specialise in conceptual learning and promote the event of higher-order thinking skills among the scholars .

Sending your child to a Cambridge school in Hyderabad like Solitaire Global Schools or someplace else is certain to offer them an upper-hand. That’s because IGCSE features a wider international recognition and provides a special learning approach to students.

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