Ola plans to make electric cars after e-scooters, Tesla’s entry in Indian EV market.

Ola has started building its e-scooter manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu, this will be its first e-scooter manufacturing facility. Ola Group CEO Bhavish Aggarwal recently said that the long-term plan for the company is to also manufacture electric cars.

The company’s manufacturing facility for e-scooter is expected to be ready by June with a manufacturing capacity of 2 million vehicles annually, the company link slot gacor hari ini aims to become world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer by increasing its capacity in four phases by June 2022, which will allow them to make 10 million units annually.

 Aggarwal said  “The factory will be able to push out one scooter every 2 seconds,”. Ola’s factory site is expected to have 10 lines, 3000 robots along with 10,000 people, and Software built by its 1,000-member team. “We will start with the scooter, then go to motor-bikes, and eventually 4-wheelers,” Aggarwal said during a press meeting at the factory site link slot gampang menang in Tamil Nadu on March 5.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had earlier tweeted that the company’s electric cars will be available in India this year.

Aggarwal said that Tesla’s products are more in the luxury and premium segment, while Ola will look to solve urban mobility.

“Tesla is an iconic company,” Aggarwal said. “Tesla’s entry will accelerate EV market in India,” he added.

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